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Precast Concrete Insulated Wall Panels

GR-8 Wall Brochure
(PDF file size 1.5 MB)


1. Thermal Design.
The fiberglass tie system (THiN-Wall®) and DowStyrofoam® combined with vacuum-lift technology, used exclusively by Concrete Industries, provides the only insulated wall panel that retains a continuous insulating value as high an R 22 by eliminating thermal dead zones that are common to other
insulated wall panel systems.

2. Versatility.
Every wall panel project is engineered toaccommodate different module widths and specific needs including concrete mix design, structural capacity and thermal value.

3. Sustainability.
- Reduces Carbon Footprint
- Energy Efficient
- Recycles Materials
- Improves Indoor Air Quality
- Longer Service Life
- Appreciates in Value
- Building Reuse
- Reduces the Heat Island Effect
- Reduces Construction Waste
- Supports the Regional Economy

4. Variable Finishes.
Choose from thin brick, form liner patterns, smooth finish, light texture, heavy texture or different combinations. Colors range from earth tone, white or grey or choose from a large array of penetrating concrete stains.


5. LEED Certifications.
Concrete Industries’ commitment to green strategies in all phases of our business assures you the
opportunity to achieve the highest level of LEED certification.

6. Efficient Structural Design.
Concrete Industries composite wall panel design allows our insulated wall panels to be manufactured
up to 30% thinner than conventional insulated wall panels with greater structural integrity and
economic efficiency.

7. Quality Assurance.
All wall panel products are manufactured in an environmentally controlled, PCI Certified (B4 & C4A) facility with quality assurance inspection and testing.

8. Durability
- Fire Resistant
- Natural Disaster Resistant
- Mold Resistant
- Corrosion Resistant
- Sound Proof
- Economical
- Low Maintenance