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Concrete Industries is proud to be affiliated with the following associations. Each, in part, contributes to the preservation of our knowledge, design and production of quality materials for our customers.

ACPA – American Concrete Pipe Association
The American Concrete Pipe Association is a nonprofit organization established in 1907. It is composed primarily of manufacturers of concrete pipe and related conveyance products located throughout the United States, Canada and in over 40 foreign countries.

AGC – Associated General Contractors of America, Nebraska Chapter
The Association of General Contractors is the nation's largest and oldest construction trade association, established in 1918. AGC is committed to three beliefs of industry advancement and opportunity: Skill, Integrity, and Responsibility.

aSa – Applied System Associates, Inc.
Applied Systems Associates, Inc. was founded in 1969 and specializes in providing computer-related goods and services for the concrete reinforcing steel fabrication industry. aSa is a full-service company that provides integrated computer systems, industrial controls, custom forms and supplies, and consulting services.

LBB – Lincoln Builders Bureau
The Lincoln Builders Bureau was founded in 1932 by general contractors, architects and engineers who wanted a local plan room to house blue prints for sub contractors and suppliers. The mission of the LBB is to provide our members with information that will assist them in bidding construction projects in Lincoln and the surrounding areas.

MPA – Midwest Precast Association
The Midwest Precast Association is an organization dedicated to providing precast concrete education and assistance to the architecture, engineering, and construction industry.

PCI – Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute
Since its inception in 1954, PCI has been a dynamic force in the steady growth and the current position of the precast/prestressed industry. PCI is a unique organization of producers, suppliers and professionals dedicated to a greater understanding of the design and use of these materials.