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As the need for concrete grew in the late 1920’s, so did the need for fabricated steel (rebar) to reinforce concrete structures. In 1929, General Steel Products Company was founded, with its first plant at 1934 Dudley Street in Lincoln where they also manufactured concrete pipe for storm and sanitary sewer systems, culverts and manholes.

General Steel provided permanent, year-round jobs to employees who previously found work only during the busy summer construction season.

In the mid 1960’s, the company expanded its operation and the plant was moved to 6300 Cornhusker Highway. Research began for methods to increase production efficiency and decrease manual operations. In 1968, "Mid-West Contractor" magazine named General Steel as one of the most electronically automated rebar plants of its kind in the world.

The 1950’s saw the inception of the Interstate. Specially designed girders and piling were needed for new bridges across Nebraska. In 1955, Nebraska Prestressed Concrete Company was founded at 6300 Cornhusker Highway to produce the concrete components required for these bridges and other applications such as building structures.

Nebraska Prestressed Concrete Company also manufactured architectural precast concrete for decorative building facades. By 1966, business had expanded beyond state boundaries as a result Inland Concrete Company was created in order to encompass all of the locations in the business area. In 1974, Nebraska Prestressed Concrete became Concrete Industries, Inc.

Because of their complementary functions, General Steel Products Company and Inland Concrete Company eventually came to operate under the name of Concrete Industries, Inc. in 1980.